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TANIT DREAMS IBIZA > Creative Festival for Women > 9, 10, 11, 12 November 2017

Creative Festival for Women 2017
9, 10, 11, 12 November 2017
location: Akasha Heritage The Sanctuary


An 'Indian Summer' in Ibiza, a little bit different than usual during
Tanit Dreams IBIZA.
Being together, to enjoy, share and celebrate! 20 places for 20 women

The creative festival for women TANIT DREAMS IBIZA was created and inspired in Ibiza by a beautiful act of co-creation in the strong wish to create a space for rest and growth in nature, in the vision of a tribe. Women have the opportunity to strengthen their love for nature, art, self-knowledge and their existence as a poetic inspiration on the amazing, transformative island of Ibiza.

takes you on a unique and challenging 4 day journey through the creative expression of the craftswoman, the alchemist, the artist and the chamana while you will be able to nourish and spark both personally and professionally, and to present yourselves to the world as muse.

TANIT DREAMS IBIZA > Creative Women Festival Workshops and Class > The Craftswoman
The Craftswoman

'Magic Mandala'
- art therapy class by Melisa Ramet
This art-therapy class wil help you travel to the energy center where your creativity comes from and symbolize this process by making your own mandala.

'The treasure kit of the fairies'
- workshop by Clara Castelloti
Clara will present her own way of dealing with medicinal plants, considering their energetic aspect not only the technical knowledge of their chemical ingredients. A Phytotherapy that joins the western knowledge of Nature with the laws of Chinese Medicine (meridian, organs, yin and yang), of Indian Americans native tradition, of Ayurveda and Astrology.
In this workshop, fully focused on woman, you will learn about medicinal plants for woman's health and how to use them, and how to make plants macerations, alcoholic tinctures, flower elixir with stones and ointments.

TANIT DREAMS IBIZA > Creative Women Festival Workshop and Class> The Alchemist
The Alchemist

'Medicine women in the kitchen'
- workshop by Marta Brzesca

4 Hours workshop to recover your natural capacity to heal and empower yourself through food and alchemy in the kitchen, explore the relationship between your inner world, food choices and their effects in your body (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual), Yin and Yand in every day live and how to tune in with your body and nature's cycles, Balance on the plate (What? How much?, For what? How?). Alchemy in the kitchen and learning to cook your dreams and visions

'The voice and our song'
- class by Romana Alarcón
Through breathing, us women can find our where we are stuck and get passed it thanks to our voice and posture. Learn, and use tools, to embrace them and make them part of your way of live, with mixed techniques and emotions.
"My voice, open a path for you, so my chest is open and the jamming I had for the last years does no longer exist. Breath. let the silence of words make you hear what I feel in my heart"
TANIT DREAMS IBIZA > Creative Women Festival Classes > The Artist
The Artist

'Tree woman'
- afro yin class by Eva Vazquez Alberca
Connect with the roots in a fresh and juicy, comprehensive dance and experience your being through the African yin method.

'The woman who laughs'
- clown class by Francheska Zannier
Woman laughing clown class to discover your more spontaneous smile behind the red nose


'Flower Woman'
- Polynesian dance by Melodie Nouveau
Explore the Polynesian tribal dance, a joyful dance to reshape your body and discover your feminine sensuality.
TANIT DREAMS IBIZA > Creative Women Festival Workshops and Ceremony > The Shamana
The Shamana

'Personal Expression and transformation through song and shamanic dance'
- workshop by Diana Beaulieu (White Horse Spirit)
Learn to access your spiritual transformative power where you accompanied by shamanic drum, explore singing and dancing blindfolded to open a space for personal, powerful and authentic expression within each, enabling us to understand heal and transform emotional and spiritual challenges of life. In this workshop we works with a clear intention, that you wish to bring to this space. Group share in the atmosphere of love, trust, humour and simplicity.


'Constellation feminine archetypes'
- workshop by Samantha Tuzio Colangelo
Unveil the mother archetype woman who acts within you and see what energy is still pending with your biological mother. Take the initial steps to open the mystery of the wise woman who is deeply connected with her creative power. See aspects or images of figures that you unconsciously guide and are present in you, like your spiritual woman, your artist, your wild woman and retake ownership of those gifts allowing yourself permission to be who you are.


'Golden Circle'
- going ceremony by Amilde Zanassi
An introspective and healing ceremony with gong, a sound bath for all of you
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- Creative Festival for Women
- 9 - 12 November, 2017

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